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I am studying Java as part of a Computing and IT degree with the OU.  My 
first module used BlueJ which was fully accessible and at compilation you 
would be taken to your first error so re-running the program would 
eventually take you to all of the errors, not run-time errors naturally.
Since then they have dropped that module and I believe that all Java taught 
with the OU uses Netbeans which is not the best in terms of accessibility. 
If your modules use Netbeans then discuss with your tutor and get a copy of 
Sodbeans.  A google search will take you to where you can download it.  This 
is not quite fully accessible but most things are okay.  There is a way to 
find the compilation errors though I tend to not use it often and do not 
recall it as I prefer to write a method/function and check it works then 
look for any errors manually.  The editor reads where syntax and symantic 
errors occur.
If however you are using something like Eclipse then I have no idea but you 
could get further help at either program-l at freelists.org or 
program-java at freelists.org.  Both are forums for blind and VI programmers 
though I think program-java may have been closed.



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> Hi all
> In September I'm starting a course in computer science. There is two 
> modules I have concerns about java and android programming. Can you please 
> advise me  what problems I  may come across  while  learning programming?. 
> I've started basic programming and I have noticed my jaws does not tell me 
> what errors I have in my code is there any way to know what they are?.
> Thanks
> Stephen Campbell
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