[BCAB] A strong tip for OpenOffice users

Christopher Hallsworth christopherh40 at gmail.com
Sun May 25 11:48:52 BST 2014

Try it now just created a dummy table and it works here with Nvda 2014.2.

Christopher Hallsworth
Student at the Hadley School for the Blind

On 25/05/2014 11:36, David Griffith wrote:
> I tried it  about 6 weeks ago and it worked pretty well with NVDA though at
> that stage I would still say that it was a work in progress. For example in
> Writer it was possible to create tables but NVDA would not announce the cell
> until you entered content into it.
> This may have been improved since then.
> Still for basic document editing Writer was  perfectly usable and the spell
> check was good.
> I personally found NVDA worked better than Jaws, especially in the menu
> dialogue boxes.
> David Griffith
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> Wonder how this works with Supernova as it never did work with it in the
> past.  I know I could download and try but reluctant to do so because as I
> say never worked before.
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> Hi all
> Some of us on other lists are having difficulties reading the help
> system that comes with OpenOffice. This is because there is no cursor
> for read only documents by default. So here is a way to enable such a
> cursor. Note this setting works across all OpenOffice applications.
> 1. Open the tools menu with alt-t.
> 2. Open options with o.
> 3. Scroll down or press a until you hear accessibility.
> 4. Tab to the check box that reads, "use text selection cursor for read
> only text documents". Check this box.
> 5. Press enter to activate the ok button.
> Now you should be able to read and navigate the help system
> Christopher Hallsworth
> Student at The hadley School For The Blind
> www.hadley.edu

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