[BCAB] RNIB technology products

George Bell george at techno-vision.co.uk
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Hi Graham,

I don't know what's going on with the RNIB's shop pages.

There is a category called "Talking Computer Software" which lists JAWS, but as the "Product Type" list box is not sorted in alphabetical order, it's difficult even for a sighted user to find what they want.

Here are the first 12 items as they appear to illustrate what I mean.

DAISY audio books (77)  
Handheld magnifiers (43)  
Eye protection (38)  
cane tips and accessories (29)  
Long folding canes (29)  
Bulbs and tubes (20)  
Graphite ultra canes (20)  
Voice audio labelling (19)  
DAISY extras (18)  
Tactile labelling (17)  
Replacement batteries (15)  
Illuminated magnifiers (15)


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Hi all.


I've been having a bit of a look round the RNIB shop.  I think I can browse the categories but can't seem to find any that would seem to relate to products such as JAWS for Windows.


I can search for JAWS and find it that way but I can't seem to find it by browsing.  Could anyone tell me in which section it is?






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