[BCAB] the knfb

Adrian Picton arh.picton at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 24 00:07:16 BST 2014

Hi John,

Thanks for that. I think it would be good to test a document of not so good 
print quality on the iPhone and Eye Pal and perhaps also one with a more 
complex layout, such as with pictures and photos and see how they compare 



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From: john gallagher
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Subject: [BCAB] the knfb

hi all,

well i have just done a test reading my fritz chess mannual on the knfb and 
also on my eye pal solo. now this mannual is a very shiny thing and has come 
out with the iphone scan just the same as the eye pal the big difference is 
speed. on the eye pal it took eight seconds to start reading the book. now 
with the iphone i did the scan and after one second it was reading the text. 
of course a lot depends on where you have the phone placed. again it is hard 
doing these tests but all i can say is for an app at £70 and a program at 
£1450 there is no diference with the accuracy of both scans. in fact i am 
suprised at the standard of the knfb reader. now i have the option to save 
the doc and when i go back to the knfb i go to file explorer and find the 
file then i can read it again. i am just going to see if i can export the 
doc like to the voice dream reader or dropbox or something but i am not sure 
if this is an option yet. so to richards question i just scaned one page at 
a time with the
iphone but if i put the phone higher it will do the too pages but not quite 
as accurate. now for me this knfb is damn accurate very accurate indeed. so 
for doing the post or out somewhere this is a massive plus for reading. 
cheers now.

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