[BCAB] [Bulk] app for transfering money

Adrian Picton adrian.picton at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 1 11:32:20 BST 2016

Hi Joe,

The Natwest app will do the same and is now very accessible since they got
RNIB involved. As far as I am aware if you set up mobile payments on any
banking app you can send and receive money between yourself and anyone else
using an app which supports the same technology, irrespective of whether you
are in the same bank. I am surprised that more Vis on the Secondhandzone and
Recycle-it lists don't use this and the Paypal app for that matter instead
of sending out their bank details.

Kind regards,


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Hi all,

for those who want to transfer cash from one to another, the barclays app,
Ping it will do this, and it is accessible. All parties must have pingit
installed, and set up with their  bank accounts, this can be done via a cash

Then you are away, you can transfer to your husband, wife, partner, whoever
you like as long as they have ping it.  It works on IOS, there is an android
version but this I haven't tested.



Ping it is such an app.  
Joe Paton <joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk>

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