[BCAB] explain microsoft oneDrive

George Bell george at techno-vision.co.uk
Mon Aug 1 13:18:11 BST 2016

Hi Tom,

Let me try to explain.

The basic concept is to allow you to share files across devices.

In my case for example, I might be working on a large document at the office on my HP desktop.  But I might also later want to work on that same document in the evening at home on my laptop. Next day, I'm back in the office and want to continue on my desktop.  When I open from OneDrive, there's my updated file.

To be honest, I'm not a great fan of this nut for other technical reasons I'll not bore you with.

It's simply "horses for courses".


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Can someone clarify this app.


When I go online, I see a documents folder. It's empty, but, there is an option to drag files "here" to start filling it. I don't know how you can, but, anyway, there's an alternative to add files through your desktop app. I can't see that option.


I've now created a folder called documents and  put it in onedrive. Once that's uploaded, can I delete the folder from the PC and just get the online stuff when I want it.


I've got documents not synched at the moment. If I synch it, and then delete the offline content, what happens.


Thanks, Tom   

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