[BCAB] Post graduate distance learning advice.

Tony Stockman t.stockman at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 2 09:47:56 BST 2016

Hi Nick,

I teach Computing at Queen Mary University of London, where we use a
modified version of a virtual learning environment called Moodle. The
modified version we use, which is tailored for our College, is called
QMPlus. It is pretty accessible, though some tasks take rather longer than
they should. Based on this, I think there is a fair chance that the base
system Moodle is itself fairly accessible, and I believe is used in quite a
few universities. Obviously anyone who has direct experience of using Moodle
itself could comment better. Incidentally we do have an MSc in Software
Engineering, but unfortunately we don't offer it by distance learning
currently. If you think I may be able to  help in any other ways in your
search for a course, or for that matter when you know the topics you will be
studying, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Best wishes,



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Hi all.
I'm considering doing a post graduate distance learning MSC in software
engineering and I was wondering how accessible the varios distance learning
solutions are.
I've been looking at a few instertutions which offer the kind of program I'm
thinking about doing.
The open university do a course and other places I was looking at seam to
use a system called blackboard.
Really I'm after any advice in this area and your experiences good or bad.

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