[BCAB] Post graduate distance learning advice.

Georgina Joyce gena at gena-j.me.uk
Tue Aug 2 11:35:20 BST 2016

Hello Nick,

I’m not sure what experience you have of development environments which depends upon what language you wish to study and upon what platform. I tried using an accessible IDE which caused problems for tutors because it behaved differently to that of the inaccessible one that the course demanded. So before you put your money down check as best as you can. However,you’ll never be able to explore the functions required until you are on the course.

As for the access to classroom materials. I am currently studying with a provider that uses moodle and I need to find the accessibility plug-in which is way down the page. You will really need to be very comfortable and an expert with your access tools. Not only for the interface but for the tools you’ll need to undertake the assignments. It is really hard to fight for accessibility once you have signed up. Test and test until destruction. A good principle for software development.

Good luck.


> On 2 Aug 2016, at 08:27, Nick and Gemma Adamson <nick at ndadamson.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm considering doing a post graduate distance learning MSC in software engineering and I was wondering how accessible the varios distance learning solutions are.
> I've been looking at a few instertutions which offer the kind of program I'm thinking about doing.
> The open university do a course and other places I was looking at seam to use a system called blackboard.
> Really I'm after any advice in this area and your experiences good or bad.
> Thanks.
> Nick.
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