[BCAB] Edge accessibility support for HTML5

Adrian Picton adrian.picton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 21:10:05 BST 2016

Hi Léonie,

So if Edge is 100% accessible with HTML 5 does that mean it is also with sites using older versions of HTML and does it mean that Narrator is the only screen reader which will give 100% access to Edge currently?



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For those interested in the Edge accessibility story, test results published today now suggest that Edge has 100% accessibility support for
HTML5 (as of the Windows 10 anniversary update yesterday).

This compares to Firefox with 89%, Chrome with 81% and IE with 56%. For those on a Mac, Safari has 73%.

What remains to be seen now, is when/if the screen reader vendors make use of this and start offering support in their various products. The onus now is with the screen readers though, rather than Microsoft.

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