[BCAB] Fantastic new concept device for extending your WiFi!

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Tue Aug 2 21:32:36 BST 2016

This appears to be an interesting concept. I assume the $49 price tag per
pod is in U. S. funds. One thing to remember is that the bottleneck will be
the ISP. The upload and download speeds will not change.

Another item to consider is an access point. I recently set up a Ubiquiti
Access Point and the interface through the browser is accessible to text to
speech software: Window-Eyes in my case.

In the lab they claim 150 to 200 metres, but of course going through walls
and floors will have an impact on things.

If trying to cover multiple rooms and spaces a Ubiquiti AP might be more
economical since one unit is less than $200 U.S. It does require an Ethernet
cable, because it uses power over Ethernet (POE).


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I just read about the following device in this month's compute IT magazine.
Apparently, a company in the US has developed wireless pods to boost your
WiFi speed across your home. You place a pod in each room of your house, and
using its own encrypted frequency on an independent channel, it boosts the
wireless signal and adapts in real time to which ever device is connected
and where it is connected in your home. In our house, we have very thick
walls and people are always complaining that the internet has dropped out
even though we have a decent router. This device could solve that problem,
I'm seriously tempted. I've yet to look through their privacy policy, the
company does state that data may be collected like the device and operating
system that the device is using. 
that's the only drawback as far as I can see... the website is at:


all the best,


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