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I don't think iTunes will extract the files for you. However you can just import a folder of music into iTunes if it is
uncompressed.  So the best thing to do is ensure the zip files are extracted into a folder, or folders, and then add it to the
iTunes library.  In older versions of iTunes you could literally copy and paste from windows explorer, but I don't use it often
enough to have been able to verify this on newer versions.

8 GB of RAM is plenty for average home use.  Extending that would require you to buy and insert more RAM. Considerations here are
the type of RAM your motherboard needs, how many slots it has for RAM and so forth.

Hope some of that's helpful!


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Morning, I apologise for a simple question, but I'm using a 
Quodcore PC with CPU of 14.4ghz and RAM of 8gb (do I need more 
RAM and if so how can I UGET THIS PLEASE?) 64 BIT using the 
latest version of NVDUA - I have a large folder called 
"downloads" which is a mixture of a miscellany of things 
downloaded from the internet, many of which are music albums in 
zip format, my question is how do I get these music albums 
within my Itunes program? Thanks for any help, Steve

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