[BCAB] Intro and a Question

David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 23:11:17 BST 2016

Personally I have experienced problems with Windows Media Player and use 
Winamp but it sounds like it is a wider problem than that anyway.  You 
may have already done this but I think first you need to make sure that 
an application specific mute has not been applied.
1. Load each application that is not playing audio in turn.
That is for example try to play an mp3 file with Windows Media Player.
Within the application check that application volume is set at a high 
level like 100%.
2. Assuming that there continue to be no sound output then you need to 
check system volume:
3. Press the start button and type Vol in the search box.
4. You should hear something like adjust system volume control panel.
5. Press enter to open up the control panel.
6  Now  Tab across the sound volume control panel to the application 
that is not providing
  expected audio, for example in your first test Windows Media Player,  
and  try to make sure that it has not, somehow, been muted.  Also make 
sure that volume is not set to 0%. If it has you you need to press the 
spacebar on the checkbox to unmute it or use the arrow keys to increase 
system volume on the slider.

Repeat these steps for each application, that is not behaving as 
expected, that is Speak On and whatever you are using to play your audio 
books to eliminate this as a possible cause of the problem.

If the application you are testing does not appear in this control panel 
then this application is not passing audio to the OS which will also be 
a clue.

David Griffith

On 03/08/2016 14:00, mark pemberton wrote:
> Hi all,  I am Mark from London and have just joined BCAB after hearing 
> Andrew on the RNIB Tech Talk podcast.
> Firstly, I'm hoping someone can help me with an audio problem on my 
> new windows 10 desk top PC.  I am unable to play Talking book CD's or 
> get any audio from my SpeakOn app.  Also I am not hearing sound 
> effects from some audio games although JAWS 17 is working fine along 
> with narrator.
> The internal Sound Blaster card seems to be working OK     and I have 
> set up Windows Media player as default for my audio with no effect.
> If anyone can suggest a fix I'll be very grateful.
> Secondly, I'm a cricket nut and have been pestering audio game devs to 
> create a 20 20 style cricket game and I'm pleased to say that Ian 
> Humphreys  of Spoonbill Games has taken up the challenge!
> I can't wait and I'll keep you posted.
> Thanks
> Mark.

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