[BCAB] Edge accessibility support for HTML5

John Sexton bcab at developer.plus.com
Thu Aug 4 03:28:41 BST 2016

Hi Léonie,

It would be interesting to find out firstly how well Narrator works with the
Edge browser and secondly why the Edge browser UI breaks support with all
leading screen readers. I don't currently have access to a Windows 10 PC or
the Edge browser, so am not able to test myself.

It's good that this browser now fully supports HTML5 standards but without
good screen reader support, does it make VI's at a disadvantage? If Narrator
doesn't offer a similar browser experience to other leading screen readers
like the quick navigation of headings, links, images, lists, tables etc then
wouldn't the usability would be less from a VI point of view?

The other question really is does the lack of screen reader support stem
from the screen reader companies or is the Edge browser UI (software API)
simply placing barriers to the screen reader software?

Software design techniques that employ graphic UIs with embedded text for
faster display rendering will prevent most screen reader software from
working with it. For example many music applications employ this concept
which limits availability of this kind of software to VIs.

The last I checked Google Chrome was the most popular browser, it will be
interesting to see if the MS Edge browser gains any more popularity in the
main stream, now it has full HTML5 support.

All the best,

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Adrian, the short answer is that yes, websites built using older 
versions of HTML should also be fully supported in Edge. HTML adds new 
features with each new version, and only much more rarely takes features 
away. Some features of HTML5 date back to the very first version of HTML.

I don't know whether Narrator gives 100% access to Edge, but it is the 
only screen reader with anything like real support, yes. NVDA has some 
support, but I don't know how extensive it is. None of the other screen 
readers Jaws, Window Eyes, Supernova etc. has any support that I know of 


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