[BCAB] Your views on the accessibility and usability of a council web page

Jane Sellers jane at janesellers.plus.com
Thu Aug 4 12:34:06 BST 2016

Hi clive

I also have tried it using the latest version of NDVA with windows 7 and
office 2016 and what a  mess their web site is I couldn't find anything to
do with accessible toilets I found it pretty hard to find my way around and
it wanted me to contact maidston Council so I didn't obvioyusly as I wanted
to let you know that it is an absolute nightmare .


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Hello all,


I have been asked to comment on the accessibility and usability of the
Community Toilets pages on the Maidstone Borough Council website. I've had a
look, and would appreciate comments from others, including those who use
Voiceover and screenreaders other than Jaws 16, and those who use screen


The link is:



Thanks in advance,




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