[BCAB] Outlook Express question

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Thu Aug 4 22:44:22 BST 2016

WOW I didn't even know there is a version of Outlook Express that runs on Windows 7. Regardless the only suggestion I can think of is to check the settings under the View menu. Call up the View menu and see how your messages are grouped. May be you want to group them by conversation? This should be a check box.


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Hi List,

I asked this question on another list but didn’t receive any response. I’m running win7 jaws 16 with Outlook express as my mail program. I had it set to collapse all messages but just recently it isn’t collapsing them. The expand/collapse option on the view ribbon is unavailable so does anyone know what I need to do to get the button to be active again. I hope someone on this list can help and I will be grateful for any suggestions.
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