[BCAB] setting up a gmail account on my braillenote apex

Zachary Morris morriszachary99 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 22:50:17 BST 2016

Your username would be the first part of the email address 
without the at gmail.com part.  The password would be your 
password, the Account name would be whatever you want to call it? 
The your name field is what name is shown on outgoing messages, 
and your pop server is pop.gmail.com and secure connection for 
pop server answy yes SMTP server is smtp.gmail.com and secure 
connection for SMTP server select yes, then the other 
authentication required, type yes.  Then, pop port is 995 and 
SMTP port is 465 unless I'm mistaken.

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From: stephen thacker <steve.thacker at btinternet.com
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Subject: [BCAB] setting up a gmail account on my braillenote apex

Hi, I have my username and password for  setting up a Gmail
account on my Braillenote Apex, I presume I need an ingoing and
outgoing address and am guessing it might be mail.gmail.com in
both cases but could be wrong, does anybody know and also do they
what other details I would need in the setup form? Thanks for any
help, Steve

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