[BCAB] Intel Update failing to install

David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
Fri Aug 5 17:06:29 BST 2016

You could try to disable your antivirus software whilst installing this
file. Some of them can be a bit touchy about system updates. There's a small
chance it might cure the problem.
I looked up your error code from the last email, but found nothing helpful.
If you get any more information about this error, please get back,


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Subject: [BCAB] Intel Update failing to install

Hi Lists,

Apologies for cross posting but I had no response to an earlier message.

I've had several automatic downloads from Microsoft in the past fortnight
but one file has failed to install on every occasion.  Its title is:

Intel Corparation (R) HD Graphics (Important)

If I go onto the System Tray and press Enter on Intel Registered Smart
Technology I get no indication there is a problem so if this dowload is
important how do I get round this issue please.

Jim Williams
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