[BCAB] Intel Update failing to install

Clive Stevenson clijen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 21:59:49 BST 2016

Hi David,

Jim might not be the only one having problems with an'important' update 
from INTEL.  I have been trying to instal one for about 36 hours now, 
but have so  far failed miserably.

I've tried every trick I can think of, including your idea about 
disabling any running anti-virus/firewall software, but nothing has 
altered the pattern of events in the slightest.

The pattern goes that the installation runs for about 20-30 seconds 
after I've hit enter on the 'install' button, and then a 'retry' button 
appears, together with an error message and a code I've never seen 
before.  This is 80070103 and despite a search using Google I can find 
no information about it!



On 05/08/2016 17:06, David Reynolds wrote:
> Jim,
> You could try to disable your antivirus software whilst installing this
> file. Some of them can be a bit touchy about system updates. There's a small
> chance it might cure the problem.
> I looked up your error code from the last email, but found nothing helpful.
> If you get any more information about this error, please get back,
> David.
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> Hi Lists,
> Apologies for cross posting but I had no response to an earlier message.
> I've had several automatic downloads from Microsoft in the past fortnight
> but one file has failed to install on every occasion.  Its title is:
> Intel Corparation (R) HD Graphics (Important)
> If I go onto the System Tray and press Enter on Intel Registered Smart
> Technology I get no indication there is a problem so if this dowload is
> important how do I get round this issue please.
> Jim Williams
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