[BCAB] problem accessing a Yahoo account. please can someone advise.

Alexander Shannon alexander.shannon at btinternet.com
Sat Aug 6 14:18:56 BST 2016

Hi all,

I've been receiving e-mails from yahoo saying that I may be locked out of my
yahoo account, which I thought were junk at first, but have now realised
that they do possibly mean something, as I was subscribed to a few Yahoo
groups from a BTYahoo account prior to BTYahoo becoming BT Mail.

When I tried to contact Yahoo Customer care via Online methods, I seemed to
be given the electronic run-around, i.e. I signed in to one section to
change my password, then tried to sign in to another section and was
promptly signed out again, so I was going round in circles.

What action can I take to try and clarify if I still have a live yahoo
account, without continuously going round in online loops?

Please note, I don't wish to send any of the Yahoo messages directly to the
list, but if anyone feels they need to see the text of such a message in
order to assist me please contact me off list
alexander.shannon at btinternet.com 

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Alexander Shannon 

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