[BCAB] Can no longer add items to my Amazon wish list

Kevin Russell kevin at russellmail.org
Sun Aug 7 15:37:53 BST 2016


I wonder if anyone can help.  The subject line isn't strictly true.  Read on
and you'll see what I mean (smile).

At the end of last year, when I was adding items to my Amazon wish list for
Christmas present ideas, it was very easy to do.  I simply selected an item
and clicked on the Add To Wish List button.  However, it appears to have

I now can only find a couple of radio buttons.  When I press spacebar on the
Add To Lists radio button, JAWS says that the radio button is selected, but
still unchecked.  When I press enter, I get the choice of four lists I
think, including my public wish list.  However, when I press Enter on my
public wish list, nothing happens.  It simply takes me back to the two radio
buttons and the items isn't added to my list.

The only way I can add an item to my wish list is to go into the item
reviews section, select See All Reviews, then two buttons appear, Add To
Cart and Add To Wish List.  This is fine if there's a review, but I can't
get to these buttons if there are no reviews for the item.

I phoned Amazon yesterday to report this and was cut off three times.  They
tried ringing me back, but I was out, so they sent me an email, telling me
to press the Add To Wish List button.  Well, I can no longer find this
button in the item description, unless I select the See All Reviews option.

Has anybody hit this problem and resolved it.  Also, what is the best way of
reporting an accessibility issue to Amazon.  Ringing them isn't working for

Also, I guess I could raise this as a bug with Freedom (or should I say

Many thanks in advance for any ideas on this one.



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