[BCAB] problem accessing a Yahoo account. please can someone advise.

Adrian Picton adrian.picton at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 20:22:12 BST 2016

Hi Alexander,

Have you still been using your btinternet.com address to log into Yahoo?
After BT moved their mail service away from Yahoo did you log into bt.com
and migrate your address away from Yahoo? There was a procedure you had to
do at the time to claimyour E-mail address back to bT. If you didn't this
might explain why your bt address is no longer working as a Yahoo ID.

Bt recommended at the time that you create a Yahoo Id and link it to your BT
Yahoo ID and then remove the BT ID to protect all your groups and settings.
It may be that now you will have to create a Yahoo account and start again
and sign up to the groups. However, Yahoo is now extremely inaccessible and
if you are just using it for groups I would advise you just to sign up via
E-mail using the subscribe address for the group you want, which you could
still do from your bT address if you wish.

If this doesn't quite answer your problem please feel free to write to me
off list if you want - arh.picton at btinternet.com


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Hi all,

I've been receiving e-mails from yahoo saying that I may be locked out of my
yahoo account, which I thought were junk at first, but have now realised
that they do possibly mean something, as I was subscribed to a few Yahoo
groups from a BTYahoo account prior to BTYahoo becoming BT Mail.

When I tried to contact Yahoo Customer care via Online methods, I seemed to
be given the electronic run-around, i.e. I signed in to one section to
change my password, then tried to sign in to another section and was
promptly signed out again, so I was going round in circles.

What action can I take to try and clarify if I still have a live yahoo
account, without continuously going round in online loops?

Please note, I don't wish to send any of the Yahoo messages directly to the
list, but if anyone feels they need to see the text of such a message in
order to assist me please contact me off list
alexander.shannon at btinternet.com 

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Alexander Shannon 

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