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I would have thought that if an app was app of the month that that was some kind of recommendation. 


On 9 Aug 2016, at 11:30 am, Porter, Paul <Paul.Porter at rnib.org.uk> wrote:

As the team who choose app of the month, this is not correct.

We are all visually impaired. Some users have had success with this app.

We aren't recommending apps but putting them out there for people to investigate.

We want this to be a two-way process and encourage users to submit apps for inclusion in app of the month.

This invariably doesn't happen. If you have an app to share please email the Technology For Life Team tfl at rnib.org.uk

Sean's comments are exactly what we're looking for.

Looking forward to more app reviews


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The problem with the RNIB recommending apps is that oftentimes people with more vision than others have a lot of say in the
choosing.  It's not a very well-described app either, it sounds as iff someone either sighted or with a lot of vision tried it out
first, or to be honest that they just read the copy online and went with that.

Personally I wouldn't be without the app now.  I use it on packets, jars, boxes, screens, signs and all sorts of things.  As I
mentioned earlier in the week I don't find it very helpful for documents directly, but it's great for me when it comes to food
expiration dates, setting the temperature on the air conditioning units at work or choosing the HDMI output on inaccessible TVs, all
the niggly little jobs where the time taken to "take picture" might be  a problem etc.  I do find it unfortunate that Apple's refund
policy isn't as wonderful as Googles, but  also think that we don't need yet another thread descending into anarchy about the best
mobile OS, either...



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