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Reads like a recommendation to me. 


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Hi Paul et al

I paste below, the blurb printed in this month's Access IT mag.

Amedia Live Reader is a new solution for instant O C R. It scans a
live image captured by a camera and reads the texts in it in

Languages supported are English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian,
Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
Japanese and Korean. Amedia Live Reader's O C R technology is
powered by A B B Y Y.

To use:

1. Open the app with VoiceOver tuned on. 2. Tap the "Active" button to
focus. The app will start beeping. 3. Direct the camera to text. The
app detects and reads it in real-time. 4. Hold the device flat (with
the camera facing down) to take a still picture. This is useful when
you're reading paper sheets on a desk. 5. Previously read texts can be
reached by left swiping. 6. Copy the texts to the clipboard in the
settings screen.

Capturing tips:

Do not put the camera too close to the subject.
Try to face the camera front to the target.
For best results, use at a distance of 20cm to 30cm (or 10 inches)
from the target.
For larger objects such as signboards, a distance of 2 to 3 meters
(or 10 feet) or more would be recommended.

Platform: i O S

Download from iTunes (http://apple.co/2aaUmqI)

Price: œ22

User comments.

This app is based off the same O C R technology that powers
K N F B Reader, however it doesn't offer a field of view report.
After having only spent a few minutes with this app it is fair to say,
it is very accessible, all buttons are labelled, and you get bleeps as
a guide for lining up. A big selling point for this app seems to be
some of the non-western languages it supports. One nice feature with
this app is it can read text in real-time which K N F B Reader can't
do, and although we have apps that can read in real-time they
generally haven't been based off good technology. Hopefully as this is
based off the same technology that powers K N F B Reader it will
give better results than other apps that can also read in real-time.

Kind Regards,

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