[BCAB] Amazon's TV devices now have a screen reader

Léonie Watson tink at tink.uk
Tue Aug 9 16:37:11 BST 2016

The help article suggests it works with all Fire devices. We bought our 
Fire TV a couple of years ago, so it definitely isn't restricted to new 
devices. Our Fire TV was last updated in June, so I assume this is when 
the VoiceView capability was added.

If it helps, we turned on the Fire TV and went to the home screen. Then 
turned on VoiceView using the back/menu buttons. Once on it remains on 
until turned off again, even if you turn the Fire thing on/off in the 


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On 09/08/2016 16:25, Sean Randall wrote:
> Hi Both,
> I bought a TV stick on Prime day last month, just because it was ridiculously cheap and I had heard about VoiceView.  However
> nothing happens when I press my buttons together.  I managed to select my language and choose and connect to my wifi without speech
> and now have the home screen of the OS up on my TV screen but still get nowhere when pressing the keys.
> Interestingly, Léonie is using a Fire TV, not a  Fire TV stick.  The next thing I suppose I need to check is the version of the OS
> and if I need to update.  A friend also has a stick that doesn't talk, so is this just for the more expensive TVs, do we  yet know?
> Sean.
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> Thanks. I hadn't heard about this, but just tried it on our Fire TV and
> it's pretty good. Was able to look through categories, locate a movie
> using voice search, look at the info (director, cast, rating etc.) and
> choose to rent, buy, add to watch list or watch trailer.
> Léonie.

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