[BCAB] Connecting Hard Drive Externally, Further Question

John Sexton bcab at developer.plus.com
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If your drive does have a standards based connector and you get a caddy,
often these are USB powered. Alternatively, you can get USB drive connector
kits from places like ebuyer.com maplin etc that come with power adapter.

However, if it is not a standards based connector, you may need help with
either finding an adaptor or in some cases removing the drive from the
bespoke connector.

I'm sure either Mo or Ben will be able to advise further if this is the

All the best,

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Mo, Ben and George,

Thank you all for your very helpful feedback.

Ideally, I'd like to connect the drive myself because:
1. If I did, I might use it for backing up some files that aren't
critically important, if it's working; and
2. There may be another couple of drives from other old laptops I
could do the same to.

The product Ben helpfully referred me to looks like it would fit my
needs really well but I had a couple of questions:

1. If what Mo says about old Dell machines is right, would the device
Ben linked to work for me?

By way of reminder, Mo said: "Dell used to use their own connectors
that slotted on to an existing hard drives sata or ide connector.
That's why I am asking what the specific model is."

2. The device Ben referred me to says that no power supply is
included. How am I to get power to the hard drive, so it will operate.

Sorry if these questions are obvious and thanks again for all your help.

The link to the device Ben mentioned is here:




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