[BCAB] Amazon's TV devices now have a screen reader

Zachary Morris morriszachary99 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 22:17:49 BST 2016

LOL, that was absolutely hilarious!!!! I'm laughing right now.

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Hi again,

Here's a short, amusing & NSFW demo of the functionality from 
who clearly doesn't know that much about accessibility...


On 8/9/16, Ben Mustill-Rose <ben at benmr.com> wrote:
 Hi all,

 I just stumbled upon this
 article describing a screen reader for the Fire TV & Fire TV 
stick devices.

 I haven't had any experience of this yet but I'll be purchasing 
 repurchasing one this weekend to report back.  If this works 
well it
 could be huge, given that the Apple TV is up to 10-times more
 expensive than a Fire TV stick in some configurations.

 Has anyone given this a go yet?


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