[BCAB] Inexpensive conferencing service

Alan Booth a.t.booth at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 10 11:14:21 BST 2016

Hi Andrew

I work as a volunteer for a small charity and got sick of Skyping conference
calls so we now use Powwow.  I don't know the costs but could find out if
you'd be interested.  The quality is good but there is a little bit of "Two
Way Family favourites" if you're old enough to remember that programme.



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Hi all,

We at BCAB have struggled to find a reliable inexpensive conferencing
service to hold our calls on a monthly basis and for other occasions.

We used the free conference call services from www.freeconferencecall.com
for a while, and this worked ok, but the call quality was poor and people
found it difficult to hear a lot of the time.

We used the phone.coop service, which used to be Community network, and the
quality is a lot better, but more expensive.

We have tried Skype, but the system seems to break really hard after around
5-6 people join the chat.

We are looking for an inexpensive conference facility that preferably works
with the phone (or if not has an iOS app).  Any suggestions?

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