[BCAB] Portable Braille Display Recommendations

jim taylor rolyat1 at gmx.co.uk
Wed Aug 10 20:09:09 BST 2016

Hello, Mel.

I sing bass in our choir, and am able to transcribe bass parts 
"On the fly" as they are being played by the accompanist.   I use 
a BrailleNote Apex, which has 32 cells, has immense storage 
facilities and can handle words and music on the same Braille 
line, using either BRF or KWB files.   It has a very robust strap 
and so can be slung over the shoulder, hanging decorously down in 
front of you as you stand for comfortable reading with both 

Alternatively, you can store your music, as Andrew suggested, on 
SD cards or memory sticks and receive files for downloading from 
a memory stick from the choirmaster.   In fact, my choirmaster 
has gone one better.   Sometimes, he will send me my bass part in 
Braille music, because I have sent him a table which enables him 
to type it out on his computer.   So, using American computer 
Braille, a dollar sign on his computer will produce e a crotchet, 
an underscore a third octave sign, etc.   A natural is a star, a 
sharp a percent sign and a flat a less-than sign.

I gather that such files produced on a Handytech or an Esytime 
can be converted to midi files.

With its thirty-two cells, the Apex allows me to write small 
groups of words and music for said words on the same line.

Anyway, I've gone on for far too long, but hope this helps.

Warm regards,


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