[BCAB] A wireless connection issue

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Wed Aug 10 23:44:26 BST 2016

Hello Mike

Instead of disabling and enabling the device in Device Manager, delete it.
However when prompted to remove the driver files say no.

Restart and this will reinstall the driver files, because you haven't
deleted them right?

This is a quirk that I have come across in Windows XP and 7. I haven't come
across this issue in Windows 10 yet. I haven't found any solution other than
it is one of those Microsoft things.



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I have a Lenovo g500 laptop.
Having switched on the laptop and arrived at the desktop, if I go to the
system tray to check my wifi connection I discover that I am not connected
and no connections are available.
If I then go to the device manager,
locate the appropriate device, disable it then enable it and then shut down
with the restart option I see that my wifi connection is working correctly.
It seems that as long as I continue to shutdown my laptop with the restart
option, my wifi connection continues to work.
,If, however, I shut down my laptop with the shutdown option, when i switch
on my laptop again, I am again in the position where I am not connected and
no connections are available.

I do not know whether upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is relevant
but I did not experience this issue before the upgrade nor immediately

Any insights into this issue would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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