[BCAB] Santander online banking

Richard Godfrey-McKay lists.godfrey-mckay at virginmedia.com
Wed Aug 17 16:17:40 BST 2016

David, Santander is one of the best banking sites I've used in ages, and
using the same software as you.  

First you enter your customer/personal  id and then tab to log on.  

Next screen should invite you to enter your password and personal
identification number and hit the continue button.  

There's sometimes an interstitial page (don't know why they have to use such
words), but otherwise you should be presented with a list of your accounts.

Get in touch or ring if you think I can be of further help.
Richard Godfrey-McKay
Telephone: 01738-445 880
Mobile: 07791 452 593

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I regularly use the telephone banking system, but tried to get into my
accounts using Jaws Windows 7 with IE11.

Entering my id is no problem, but when I get onto the next screen, it all
goes pear-shaped. Is there something I'm missing?


Many thanks for any light thrown,



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