[BCAB] USB converters

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 21:29:07 BST 2016


Yes she did say mini USB but when she described them, she described 
prongs similar to those found on a Micro USB cable. Mini USB connectors 
are different, but she appears to have found the correct one in any case.



On 17/08/2016 21:23, Steve Nutt wrote:
> Mo,
> I believe she did say Mini USB.
> All the best
> Steve
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> Hi Jackie.
> Which device do you want to plug them in to? could you provide an example?
> there are 2 types, Mini USB and Micro USB.
> cheers,
> Mo.
> On 17/08/2016 16:51, Jackie Brown wrote:
>> I want to buy a couple of those short USB cables with a socket for a
>> standard USB on one end, and the mini size USB on the other, the same
>> as those which are issued with some access technology products to
>> convert a pen stick from a standard to mini USB.  But before I go off
>> to Amazon looking for them, is there a specific name I should be hunting
> for?
>> Thanks.
>> Kind Regards,
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