[BCAB] Windows 10 Don't Wait for Anniversary Update?

Stuart Barron stuartbarron157 at virginmedia.com
Thu Aug 18 12:30:26 BST 2016


I downloaded and installed win10 update with no problem until I started WE,
the only problem I had was the mouse sliding all over the screen.

I got an update from Aisquared and the problem has disappeared .

The anniversary edition work very well for me no crashing at all

Help this works for you as well as it has for me.


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I apologise if this has all been covered on list  as I have not had time to
review all emails recently.

However despite my probably not researching enough I would welcome 
anybody correcting me on the following.

As far as I can tell.

1.The Windows 10 Anniversary Update  process is incompatible with Video 
Drivers for both Jaws and Window Eyes.

2. The Update process is not user started and will be rolled out to 
everybody eventually without exception.

I now realise that,  I think, my current process of passively waiting 
for the update to happen is probably very ill advised. I thinkg this  
especially given there is a known incompatibility between screen readers 
and the update process. In other words I am sleepwalking into a known 
problem and not doing anything about it.

I would prefer the process to be smooth rather than landing up with a 
computer that is screwed half way through an update process without 
being able to proceed.

I am now thinking I should manually  disable the Jaws and Window Eyes 
video drivers in Device Manager and then force an update relying on NVDA 
and Narrator.  This would then enable me to retain control and 
re-install Jaws and Window Eyes to repair the Video drivers afterwards.

I think I know how to disable the video drivers but have still not found 
a way of forcing the Anniversary Update through the Windows Update feature.

Any advice or comments?

David Griffith

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