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Sent this to another list, but no one had any ideas, so thought I'll try here. Please find below. 

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Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 9:18 pm
Subject: extracting DMG files

> Hi All,
> So, I found out, that 7zip can extract DMG files. For now, I'll assume people know what DMG files are. If anyone knows the answer to this one, they certainly will, anyway. So, I thought I'd put this to test. It extracted the Mac version of java platform, no problem. But, the DMG files, that I wanted to extract originally, which have came from an IPSW file (again, will assume people know what they are) 7zip gave errors to, saying it can't extract. So I found DMG extracter, which, was totally inaccessible. Narrator sort of read the things, but they weren't clickable. Searching some more, I came across HFSEXPLORER, which is an application, designed to extract DMGS, and what else not. Although, when trying to run, this told me that I needed java platform, before it could work. So I installed that. Now, This is accessible, I checked so that this opens DMGS by default, and everything. NOW, here's the issue. The 2 small IOS DMGS are actually not supported, apparently. And, the third, the 1.8 gigs one, it was apparently reading incrypted disk image, but didn't beep, give progress, or anything. So after an hour, I presumed that it just doesn't work. So now the question. Anyone had luck extracting DMG files, from IPSW files? As in, after unzipping the IPSW, and then trying to extract the DMGS, found within? BTW, DMG is identical to ISO on windows, and IPSW is what contains apple's IOS upgrades, when downloading it off line. Just thought I'd clarify, for those that are interested in a few words. 
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