[BCAB] FW: extracting DMG files

Ben Mustill-Rose ben at benmr.com
Thu Aug 18 21:35:31 BST 2016


Whats the eventual aim?


On 8/18/16, Rajmund <brajmund2000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sent this to another list, but no one had any ideas, so thought I'll try
> here. Please find below.
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> Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 9:18 pm
> Subject: extracting DMG files
>> Hi All,
>> So, I found out, that 7zip can extract DMG files. For now, I'll assume
>> people know what DMG files are. If anyone knows the answer to this one,
>> they certainly will, anyway. So, I thought I'd put this to test. It
>> extracted the Mac version of java platform, no problem. But, the DMG
>> files, that I wanted to extract originally, which have came from an IPSW
>> file (again, will assume people know what they are) 7zip gave errors to,
>> saying it can't extract. So I found DMG extracter, which, was totally
>> inaccessible. Narrator sort of read the things, but they weren't
>> clickable. Searching some more, I came across HFSEXPLORER, which is an
>> application, designed to extract DMGS, and what else not. Although, when
>> trying to run, this told me that I needed java platform, before it could
>> work. So I installed that. Now, This is accessible, I checked so that this
>> opens DMGS by default, and everything. NOW, here's the issue. The 2 small
>> IOS DMGS are actually not supported, apparently. And, the third, the 1.8
>> gigs one, it was apparently reading incrypted disk image, but didn't beep,
>> give progress, or anything. So after an hour, I presumed that it just
>> doesn't work. So now the question. Anyone had luck extracting DMG files,
>> from IPSW files? As in, after unzipping the IPSW, and then trying to
>> extract the DMGS, found within? BTW, DMG is identical to ISO on windows,
>> and IPSW is what contains apple's IOS upgrades, when downloading it off
>> line. Just thought I'd clarify, for those that are interested in a few
>> words.
>> Sent from a Braille Sense
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