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I have used it and it works pretty well.  It's good if you don't have the
cash on you since the cost of the journey is automatically taken from your
credit card.

I don't know what happens however if a driver  speaks so little English that
he or she can't understand where you want to go.  This has happened to me
very occasionally with mini cabs in general and in this situation I have
ended up getting out of the cab and refusing to pay any money.  It's only
happened to me twice that I can remember, and I've used plenty of taxis over
the years but you don't want the driver to not be able to find where you
live or, even worse, to be driving round like a headless chicken ramping up
your taxi bill.

That's my only real concern about uber apart  from concerns for people with
guide dogs.  They should all take them of course but you can't as far as I
know point out that you have an assistance dog of any kind in Uber.


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Hi, Just wondered whether people in the UK were using this iOs app, and if
so with what result?


It isn't here in Perth Scotland yet, but is in Edinburgh, glasgow and London
- where I visit often.    



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