[BCAB] Android 6.0: Transferring Files to PC

Mark Turnham mark.turnham at sky.com
Sun Aug 21 18:30:16 BST 2016

Ok, I've had a look. 

I'm using windows 10.

Connect your cable into the phone and pc. go to the notification screen and
you should get an icon that starts with: USB for ...". Tap on that and tick
file transfer. Then you should be able to find your phone on your PC and
copy files from it.

That's how it's worked for me.


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Hi Mark and John

Thanks for the information.

I have clicked on the Time (I don't see a date) and it says "Notification
Shade" and goes back to the Home Screen.

I know I can use Dropbox but until now it has been easier to transfer files
from the PC itself.


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