[BCAB] Repeat reminders on the iPhone, can anyone write an app for that?

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 01:29:43 BST 2016

Hello Everyone.

I'm wondering if someone can help me out. Recently out of curiosity, 
i've been doing a comparison between apps and features I use on my 
android phone and on my iPhone. 1 Feature I came across was repeat 
reminders. On my android, I have an app that keeps reminding me if i've 
missed a call or text message until I unlock my phone and read the text. 
This function has come in very useful when I've been in meetings or left 
my phone on my desk and come back to it. Many phones have had a 
persistent reminder option on them since the late 80's.

Now to the iPhone. It appears that Apple in their wisdom have only 
implemented this function partially. You can set missed SMS reminders, 
but the phone will only vibrate or beep a maximum of 10 times in a 20 
minute period. This means if you're away from your iPhone for an hour 
and someone texts you, the phone will only beep for a maximum of 20 
minutes before stopping. After that, the only way of finding out that 
there's anything that needs your attention would be to unlock your 
iPhone and check out the notifications.

I'm not one of these people who are always glued to their phones, so I'd 
very much like this function to be implemented. I've been researching 
this online, and apparently apple users have been requesting the feature 
since 2007 but Apple have not listened and they've been slagged off as a 

This would be very useful from an accessibility point of view as well. 
As far as I know, voiceover doesn't acknowledge flashing lights or 
include a feature to repeatedly notify you that something needs your 
attention. Ideally, I'd like the app to notify me of missed calls with a 
different tone, unread sms messages with a different tone and unread 
emails with a different tone.

Prof reminder on android does all this beautifully. Has noone written an 
app for iOS that does all this? I don't want to have to jale break my 
phone just to achieve this functionality.

Can someone please write an app to add this simple function? I for 1 
would certainly buy it. I don't care if it puts an extra drain on my 

All the best,


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