[BCAB] Problem with the K-NFB Reader app

David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
Mon Aug 22 21:04:50 BST 2016

I've had this problem myself with the Galaxy S6.
He needs to go into recent apps, and close the app from there, then restart.


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A gentleman has contacted me to say that he has just purchased a Galaxy S7,
and now receives a message when he tries to open K-NFB Reader.  He is
advised that "K-NFB Reader has stopped."  There is a Report Problem Button,
and an OK Button.  He was using another phone, but has recently bought this
S7, and says all other apps that have gone over do work.

Any suggestions I might pass on please?  I suggested he download it again
from the Play Store, but he is frightened he would have to pay for it a
second time.

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