[BCAB] Cordless phones with talking features

David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
Mon Aug 22 22:40:13 BST 2016


On the Panasonic, the caller ID defaults to on, and I've never switched it
off. The phone provides very little speech feedback, but you can access your
messages, change the ring tone fairly easily once you've learnt the key
sequences to do these things.
It is the best phone I've ever owned. Just my opinion,



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I am looking for a good quality cordless house phone for a blind person to
use.  Talking caller ID is essential and other talking features would also
be welcome.  

I am vaguely aware (from previous emails to the list) of the Panasonic
KX-TG8562EB.  If anyone has one of these, can you say how easy it is to turn
the talking caller ID on / off if you have no sight, and whether any of the
other features such as the answer machine provide spoken feedback, or are
usable without seeing the screen?

Are there any other products out there worth considering?

I am already aware of TrueCall and other products sold by RNIB.



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