[BCAB] Cordless phones with talking features

Pele West pele.west at west-home.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 09:42:26 BST 2016

Hi Phil

Peter and I also have these cordless phones and really like them. We
have 4 handsets.

The downside is that I had to ask someone to put in our contacts so they
would speak. I believe this can be overcome by using Truecall as well.

There are dedicated buttons for activating the speaker phone and muting
a call. It is also quite easy to redial, although I have got the wrong
person in the past.

The answerphone is easy to use.

Another good thing, although it might not be relevant to you, is that
two people can use the phone at the same time. On most cordless phones,
if someone else wants to join in a conversation various buttons have to
be pushed. On this phone the other person can just pick up the phone and
press the Green button.

I found the manual a bit difficult as the buttons are represented by

It is possible to set lots of the features with codes. I have a table of
the codes, if you are interested.

Pele West

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