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Hi Natalie,

Thank you for this, you have been very busy and I have to say very effective, and the result from your good work sounds very encouraging. I expect Simon will respond to you in due course, but in the mean time I will post your response on the BCAB list whence it was initially posted by Simon.

Kind regards

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Hi Simon,

I believe you may have spoken to, or emailed a couple of my colleagues at RNIB and Action for Blind People about a touch screen chip and pin machines you came across in a Peterborough restaurant. I lead on RNIB's banking campaigns and so the information you had provided was passed on to me.

I have been working with the UK Card Association who approve the use of chip and pin machines in the UK so I got in touch with them with a general enquiry about touch screen chip and pin machines. They told me that they had not approved the use of these types of chip and pin machines in the UK. So they were concerned that blind and partially sighted people had come across any. Understandably they want to investigate this further and have asked me to supply the name and address of the restaurant. Your name will not be associated with this investigation, for one they don't know it! I will also ask them not to mention that they were tipped off about it because of its poor access. But before I supply them with the details of the restaurant I just wanted to let you know. 

You probably won't be surprised to learn that the UK Cards Association won't be investigating these machines in regards to accessibility, it's actually that they have not yet been proved to be as secure as conventional machines. Although they are aware of the access issues. The main problem is that no UK business should be using this type of machine as they are not approved for UK use.

The Association are incredibly grateful that we have raised this issue with them, and we are also now working with them on improving their accessibility guidance as well. So your complaint has had quite an effect!

Best wishes


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