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Hi Richard.

I've used both synology and WD. synology are frankly rubbish. some 
people say the latest release is OK, but I never had much luck with it. 
WD's interface is better, though sometimes you'll find your self 
switching to NVDA as it reads the interface better, especially when 
enabling/disabling features. There are some very minor issues like when 
adding users, NVDA reads the add user button as blank, the same goes for 
delete user. but its doable and I can lend a hand if necessary. The one 
I went for was the WD ext2 Ultra.



On 24/08/2016 12:12, David W Wood via Bcab wrote:
> Richard
> For three years I have been using a QNAP without issue.  The interface is
> straight forward with JFW.
> It was a bit tricky to get going, but can't recall the issues.
> David W Wood
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> Hi,
> I'm in the market for a new NAS device and am thinking about either WD or
> Synology as these seem to be the more affordable for home use.
> As the specs between the two seem roughly comparable, I'm interested in
> their accessibility.  I've used the WD interface for my existing My Cloud
> drive but have never seen Synology's offering.  Can anyone say how
> accessible this interface is, please, with either JAWS or NVDA?
> Also, if anyone has had a bad experience with either of these ranges, I'd
> like to hear of that, too, please.  Conversely, if anyone has had a good
> experience with a different range, again please let me know.
> Any reviews I've found so far are not absolutely up-to-date!
> Thanks for any assistance.
> Richard Bartholomew

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