[BCAB] Online banking with NatWest

Agent Orange agentorange at talktalk.net
Thu Aug 25 15:51:05 BST 2016

If you do online banking with NatWest via their website (as opposed to using
mobile apps), either for a current account or a credit card, please can you
comment on how accessible you find their website and online services using a
screen reader?  I have an account with them but have put off signing up to
online banking because on the few occasions in the past when I had cause to
look at their website, I didn't find it particularly friendly.

For instance: How accessible is the log on process?  Is the account summary
presented as a table and is the transaction data easy to make sense of?  How
easy is it to set up payments and make transfers?  

Are the downloadable pdf bank / credit card statements accessible and easy
to make sense of?

Do you have to use a special card-reader device in order to do certain
things like make payments?

Do they make you use special security software that messes with the screen

Kevin's recent query about NatWest pdf statements has prompted me to ask
about it, so I would interested to know whether his experience is reflected
by other people.

Any and all insights would be welcome.



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