[BCAB] getting a dvd disc to play on P C

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 16:07:23 BST 2016


Does your computer see other discs in that drive?
If not then a problem with the drive is most likely such as driver or 
hardware itself.
If it does see discs then problem with disc is most likely. In which case:
Do other devices/computers see the disc when inserted into them?
If yes then I'm stumped.
If no then the problem is that the disc is damaged, corrupted, or some 
other issue.
If no devices to check it with, contact the supplier to double check. It 
could be that the disc was incorrectly formatted so your drive does not 
recognise it and so does not show it. Discs written with bad formatting 
often work on the device that wrote to them first but not to others.



On 29/08/2016 15:46, Tom Reid wrote:
> Hi folks, got a dvd that plays in the video dvd, put, pc doesn't seem to see
> it. It's not been commercially recorded so no rights protection.
> Can't see any files in win explorer, nor in media player.
> Any ideas?
> Tom

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