[BCAB] Smart device usage with type one diabetes

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 09:27:10 BST 2016


Smart check 2 or clever check 2, one is no longer made and the other 
still is and test strips are available. It is a talking meter. I'm 
pretty sure it is the clever check 2 and I use one twice a day even 
though I'm not currently diabetic anymore.
I did try a device which beeped the blood score but cannot remember what 
it was called but the unit was pretty big and cumbersome.
I have heard of iPhone compatible devices but the tester part that plugs 
into the iPhone were for iPhone4 and the creator had no desire at the 
time to make them for later models as they did not catch on.
Your friend's specialist nurse should be able to supply a talking monitor.



On 30/08/2016 08:43, Jackie Brown wrote:
> I have a friend who needs to inject Insulin because she has type one
> diabetes.  She uses an iPhone, but would be willing to also use Android if
> she can find what she hopes exists to determine when her blood sugars are
> decreasing.  She currently has no warning of when this is likely to happen,
> and wonders if:
> 1.  There are any accessible pieces of kit on the market that work with an
> iOS or Android app that would help with this, and
> 2.  How accessible any app might be, and whether anyone is using something
> they could recommend?
> Please feel free to drop me a line off list that I can forward to her if you
> have any suggestions or experience with such equipment and apps.  I think
> Pam's difficulty is that while she can test her blood sugars, she has no way
> of knowing when they are dropping until it becomes quite serious for her.
> Many thanks.
> Kind Regards,
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