[BCAB] urgent help, vitalsource bookshelf

Panagiotis Antonopoulos pantonop at windtools.gr
Wed Aug 31 07:23:41 BST 2016

Hi all,
I was commissioned with a review by a prestigious for our profession, forum, of a book published by Routledge. Yesterday I received instructions to download a software called Vitalsource Bookshelf, which I did but got most frustrated with getting myself registered. Apparently they give a redemption code which I need to insert, and the book is supposedly, downloaded. They have a tree view format and I can say nothing with regard to what I would find, were I able to track the book, as the treeview does not appear to open. My question is, whether anyone in our list has used this software, and if someone knows about it, whether it is accessible or not. If any advice could then be offerred, I would be most grateful. Using win10 proanniversary, jaws17, and, so long as my active braille is in Germany for servicing, I borrowed Focus 40.
                Thanks in advance,

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