[BCAB] magnifying contents of dropdown boxes using zoomtext

GrahamPage gpage at useit.plus.com
Wed Aug 31 10:17:22 BST 2016

Hi all.


I have been asked by a zoomtext user about how to magnify the contents of
dropdown boxes.  She says she has difficulty with all drop down boxes but
she particularly mentioned the Lloyds website and the Natwest website where
you choose which account you want to get a summary of.


I know that when using speech you often need to press alt down arrow to open
a combo box or a dropdown list, is this keystroke also necessary for
magnification when using Zoomtext?  I am not sure exaxtly what version of
zoomtext she is using but she says it's not the current version but the one


As I am a screenreader myself, any comments about getting drop down boxes to
magnify would be helpful.





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