[BCAB] Tip - If Problem Opening Document in Word

David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 15:26:13 GMT 2016

I was a little concerned after reinstalling Office 2010 on my new 
Windows Install that when I was opening Documents from Explorer that 
Word was becoming non - responsive. It appeared impossible to review the 
text in the document. I restarted the PC but still had the problem. 
After restart Jaws did announce checkbox which gave me the the clue that 
another application was preventing access to the document.
Unfortunately Jaws was completely unable to read any of the this mystery 
application, even when using convenient OCR.
I then loaded NVDA and launched the OCR plugin which is available for 
that program.

This time when I reviewed the results I heard the fateful words Dropbox 

I have no idea what Dropbox Badge does but the program was clearly an 
inaccessible annoyance.

I went to Dropbox Preferences and changed the Dropbox Badge combo box to 
never show and opening documents in Word is perfectly normal again. Phew.

David Griffith


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