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Colin Phelan Colin_Phelan at pmlgroup.com
Tue Oct 11 11:09:06 BST 2016

Many thanks David,
That does sound very interesting, particularly as my book sense which was my primary audio book facility has recently died.
Is everything on the Victor Stream spoken?
Is there a particular model I need or will any of them work as described in your very helpful mail?


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In all honesty I believe the best Internet Radio out there what you are seeking is the victor Reader Stream version two.  I  know it is considered a portable device but I can see no reason  why you should not just leave it attached to a charger and connect the headphone  either to amplified speakers or to a stereo unit via 3.5mm jack to phono connector. The persula Foundation sell these fairly cheaply.

  It depends on your living arrangements in your room but cables could run giving you easy acdcess to the stream whilst hearing the output through mains speakers.

If you want to be even more fancy you could investigate a 3.5mm bluetooth  adaptor  which I guess could be connected in some way to a bluetooth speakers or speakers. I  know that solutions for connecting wirelessly to stereo systems in the past have also been available. 
Effectively a Victor Reader Stream could just become a remote controller for such a system.

  The advantage of the Victor Reader Stream over other devices is that the Radio service connects far quicker and the O-Tunes database is updated relatively painlessly when the BBC start to mess around with their streams.

  Effectively you have 32 station Preset available for you already on the device with the default Humanware Uk Playlist whichd can be accessed with cursor  or by using the go to feature and tapping out the station list number.
You can add hundereds more Preset by creating a Favorite Playlist from the On device database search.
Finally you have one button access to Internet Radio Recording which will record any program playing onto an SD Card as an Mp3 for later review. I do not believe even the Sonatra offers this.

Of course you would also get all the other functionality of the Stream, talking Books, Podcasts,

  Recording Notes, eBook playin and Wikipedia Research capability.
Even if you already have a Stream you could invest in a second one for this purpose which could also act as a spare if the first one breaks down.

David Griffith
On 11/10/2016 09:34, Colin Phelan wrote:
> Any recommendations out there for a mains unit, pretty simple to use with plenty of pre-sets
> Thanks
> Colin

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