[BCAB] Amazon echo and groceries

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Sun Dec 17 17:22:43 GMT 2017

Hi Sean,

I completely agree.  I love the ability to add items to our Morrisons basket
just by asking Alexa.  Now if only she could read your basket items, that
would be really cool eh?

All the best


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Hi all,


I know BCAB members had one Zoom session on grocery shopping and I do intend
on covering other supermarkets, but just wanted to point out one interesting
thing I found out today.


We have a Morrison's order due to arrive on Wednesday, we booked early
because of it being a busy time of year. I've linked the Alexa skill and,
because we ran out of mayonnaise with tonight's hot dogs, I just said
"Alexa, ask Morrisons to add mayonnaiseTo my order".  Unlike using the
website or the apps, I didn't have to go through an extra checkout process;
I received an email a few minutes later telling me that along with
everything else I'd ordered, the mayo would be delivered as well. I would
have also been able to add other things verbally, after confirming the price
with me she did ask if there was anything else I wanted.


Obviously, you still need to use the website or app to book a delivery, but
remembering that you can do this about a month in advance, and you can have
multiple deliveries scheduled and that the skill will add whatever you're
asking for to the next one, I think this is a pretty cool extension to the
VUI (voice user interface) system.  I've advised people older than me on
setting up these things for their elderly relatives, and to me, this is just
another strand to making them more helpful to everyone, along with all the
other superb stuff such as the new BBC skill, all the podcasts and radio
support, reliable timers, alarms and reminders, and voice messaging and
calendars which are all features my clients have found useful in this sort
of age bracket.


Morrisons and Ocado both use the same infrastructure, so I expect this to
work on both as well.


I hope someone finds that as interesting as I do!





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